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It is no exaggeration to suggest that the future of many educational institutions will depend in the long term on the effectiveness of their legacy programmes. There is simply no other way to generate the continuous, unrestricted and substantial income needed to create the size of endowments with which so many American educational establishments are blessed. Last year in the UK, over £1.8 billion was provided to charities through legacies. Yet, only 2.3% of this money went to education.
Ironically, too many schools, universities and colleges fail to undertake this most crucial of fundraising tasks - primarily because of a lack of awareness and because they feel uncomfortable mentioning death and taxes. In most cases, educational institutions simply fail to ask their donors to consider leaving a legacy. ASK Associates consultants can lift the veil on the mystery, unfetter the chains of perceived unpopularity, and help your institution to unwrap the single most effective fundraising approach of all.
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