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Annual Funds/Continuous Giving Programmes Print E-mail
The best development programmes focus on a sustained, planned approach which builds donor relationships that result in support every year. The goal of continuous giving is to establish the habit of philanthropic support from an institution’s constituents.

Annual/continuous giving is a broad-based appeal for funds directed at a large number of prospective donors and can include: alumni, parents, former parents, grandparents, teaching staff, former teaching staff and students. Institutions which implement annual/continuous giving usually focus on alumni first.

This type of giving – as distinguished from capital campaigns or major gift fundraising - produces unrestricted funds in the main and gives an institution wide latitude in applying its resources to various needs. Success and confidence are built on each year’s achievements through targeted communications and broad participation. Every gift, no matter the size, is important, and over time donors are encouraged to increase their gifts appropriate to their means.

ASK Associates can help your institution plan and implement a programme of continuous/annual giving. This is a 365-day-a-year process conducted each and every year to raise money to assist in paying regular and ongoing expenses, some of which may be capital in nature. Many institutions are now establishing an annual fund in order to make up for the loss of the assisted places scheme.

We can help your institution:
  • Increase donor awareness and acceptance of the institution’s ongoing need to raise funds annually in order to fulfil its mission;
  • Select the best areas of need, and create the rationale for annual fundraising, depending on the circumstances of the institution;
  • Develop a base of knowledgeable and committed donors who contribute a predictable base of support;
  • Create materials and timetables appropriate for annual solicitations by mail; and determine the suitability and options regarding telephone fundraising.
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