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A capital campaign is a particular method of building an institution’s assets through fundraising. It enables an institution to raise a significant and specific amount of money in a limited time for a special project. Typically, institutional campaigns seek funds for new buildings or programmes which cannot be funded from tuition.
Capital campaigns must focus on an institution’s best donor prospects i.e., the 10% who can give 90% of the required funds. The best campaigns are those that set realistic and achievable targets based on what the donor community will give - not what the institution needs. Careful strategic planning, excellent communications and prospect cultivation must precede face-to-face solicitations for major gifts.

Capital campaigns fail because of lack of preparation. It is true that 90% of the work in a capital campaign takes place before the first gift is ever solicited. ASK Associates can advise your institution in the preparation, planning and implementation of your next capital campaign by:
  • Working with institutional leadership to ensure that the needs of the campaign are based on appropriate long-range planning and the mission of the School, College or University;
  • Identifying campaign leadership and advising on campaign structure;
  • Helping to identify and cultivate major donors; rating and screening;
  • Training and supervising staff on the various phases of a campaign;
  • Writing (or advising on) the Case for Support and all materials associated with the campaign;
  • Providing solicitation training for all volunteers;
  • Writing the Campaign Plan
  • Preparing campaign policies and guidelines;
  • Developing solicitation strategies for specific donors; writing proposals for specific donors;
  • Advising on aspects of public relations, campaign events, and stewardship;
  • Advising on the related areas of database management and prospect research;
  • Advising on tax efficient giving for US donors;
  • Conducting feasibility studies to determine if the needs of an institution are realistic and attractive to prospective major donors, and if the goal is reachable;
  • Working with institutional leadership in planning and in understanding their role and responsibilities for development.
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