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Before embarking on a fundraising drive, whether for a one-off capital appeal or a long-term development function, it is important to place your institution in context. Are you set up to run a fundraising operation? How do the staff feel about such a move? Will your alumni support it? Is the institution managed in such a way as to encourage support?

An appraisal or feasibility study will answer these and many other questions. Through a series of interviews with key stakeholders, a review of both internal and external literature, and through comparing your institution with others where fundraising is already taking place successfully, we will provide you with an objective report which will confront all the relevant issues which can impact upon your ability to fundraise successfully.

Appraisal Study
A short study to ascertain the suitability of your school/college/university to undertake fundraising in general will normally take two days of intensive interviews by one of our Senior Consultants, and the resultant report can usually be provided within a month thereafter. The report will include recommendations for further action to rectify any perceived weaknesses, and will also spell out the required resources, timescale and potential income from adopting these recommendations.

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Specific Capital Appeals always fail if an ambitious target is set without adequate market-testing of the potential donors and the project for which the funds are being raised. A well-researched feasibility study for such an Appeal can take up to two months to complete, involving up to fifty interviews with a cross-section of the prospective donorbase, the results of which can pinpoint with an excellent margin of accuracy exactly how much any particular institution is likely to be able to raise for a particular project. The results of such a study may mean that the institution needs to scale-down its aspirations, but it ensures that whatever target is finally arrived at is achievable.

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