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"Very many thanks for this report and many congratulations! - it is a most comprehensive, detailed and helpful document."
Colin Diggory, Headmaster, Alleyn's School

"Our development campaign is now launched and the initial prospects appear good. That this is the case is, in no small measure, the result of your guidance. We have enjoyed working with you and benefited from your peceptive guidance and professional expertise."

Andrew Chicken, former Headmaster, Colfe's School

"Thank you for an inspirational, informative and enjoyable tutorial today. We all appreciated your guidance and feel much more confident that we can bring in some serious donations - it will take time but I am sure we will get there. Thanks again."

Tom Vanoss, James Allen's Girls' School

"The Seminar was very good, informative and educational. It has certainly helped clear up my mind on a few fundamental issues. ... Well done - you are a foil for each other and one could tell I was not alone in feeling the day was worthwhile."

John Nettleton, Chairman,Uppingham School Foundation

"Just a brief note to thank you for such an excellent seminar yesterday. I felt so inspired to pursue our aims in developing our fund raising efforts after your wise and helpful words."

Ann Harris, Headmistress, Moira House School

"It was the best training day I have ever been on. I listened to every word. I learnt."

Mary Blackburn, Chairman, Former Pupils' Guild, Cheltenham Ladies College

"I was just about to write to you when your letter dropped on my desk. This typifies the outstanding way in which you have dealt with the recruitment of our Development Director."

Tony Beadles, former Headmaster, Epsom College

"a first class exposition of the concept - quite apart from the impressive results, we all felt that the clear and natural way you put it across was hugely helpful"

Graham Reid, former Chairman, AMDIS

"[You have] my highest recommendation. I have seen [you] accomplish things that many other people could not have attempted. [You are] a positive, forward-thinking visionary in the field of development…"

Gabrielle Bennett, former Development Director, Downing College, Cambridge

"I found our conversation invaluable and very much appreciated the advice you gave me"

Julian Whiteley, Headmaster, Taunton School

"We shall be following your advice ... I anticipate that during the course of the next year we shall approach you again."

Barrie Lloyd, Fettes College

"I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for all you have done to assist the Foundation"

Miles d'Arcy Irvine, Trustee, Bradfield Foundation

"I enclose the copies of your [college newsletter] which you lent me. I continue to think they are models of their genre."

Judy Longworth, Development Director, University College, Oxford

"On behalf of the Board and the College, we would like to send our thanks for the very thorough and honest suggestions made. Many of the points have already been taken on board and we are in the process of forming a Governors' sub-committee to take your suggestions forward."

H Chesshire, Chairman of Governors, &
Terry Hunt, Headmaster, Bishop's Castle Community College

"…every member of the committee was highly impressed by your professionalism, candor, and evident expertise. There are intangible qualities of credibility that no amount of training (or money) can manufacture. You have those qualities.."

Ted Faunce, Director of the American Section,
Lycee International of St. Germain-en- Laye

"I have been involved in fund raising activities in the past and always had slight reservations about the energy and enthusiasm of the fund raiser. I detect no lack of either energy or enthusiasm in you…"

Nigel Archdale, Headmaster, Cheltenham College Junior School

"I am torn between writing to you today and waiting until next week, as letters of thanks and appreciation are just beginning to arrive. However I do not wish to delay our thanks as your presentation was stunning."

Judith Sischy, Director, Scottish Council of Independent Schools

"Just a brief message to say now pleased I am that we will be working together. The task ahead for the Development Office at Stowe is tremendous and your advice and hands on help will be invaluable."

Cherry McInnes, Development Executive, Stowe School

"I know that you have not only great experience in these matters but have very quickly come to appreciate the nature of Gordonstoun School and its distinctive ethos……it is therefore a most exciting prospect to have you as part of the team here…."

Mark C Pyper, Headmaster, Gordonstoun School

"The Taunton School alumni office is a new venture and we have brought in [ASK Associates] to advise and guide us on the process of setting up this function. [You have] impressed all [you have] met with [your] charm, professionalism and tact - and [your] help and advice have been absolutely invaluable. I would recommend [you] unreservedly to any school wanting to establish an alumni office."

Graham Reid, Marketing and Development Director, Taunton School

"[You] provided the necessary credibility, focus and clout at Board level to make things happen."

Richard Oliver, former Development Director, Gordonstoun School

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